Eco Park Development

The Eco Park Services We Offer

Binn Eco Park

  • Opportunity scoping to indicate eco industrial development opportunities including site search and land use planning
  • Bespoke Eco Park design and development partnering
  • Eco Park and eco industrial development associated with other primary developments
  • Development and integration of clean technologies
  • A range of associated services including Life Cycle Assessment and carbon accounting , waste flow analysis, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and community engagement and benefits development
  • Development and implementation of advanced food production systems

Eco Parks and Industrial Ecology

Journal of Industrial Ecology

Eco Parks originate from the developing discipline of industrial ecology, which seeks to integrate development opportunities with clean technology and systems integration, to gain maximum economic, social and environmental benefit.

Eco Parks can take on many different forms and functions, often dependent on the ‘anchor’ tenant around which the Eco Park develops. This could for example be a waste management facility, an oil refinery, a power station or pharmaceutical plant. Eco parks can also demonstrate common themes like waste management (Resource Parks), energy production (Energy Parks) or Food Production (Food Parks) or any combination of these elements.

Common themes shared by Eco Parks include

  • Closed loop waste recycling systems
  • Industrial symbiosis within the park and with the surrounding economy
  • Renewable energy systems and other clean technologies
  • Energy cascades where excess energy is utilised in nearby energy using processes
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
  • Environmental management systems, carbon accounting, life cycle thinking and community engagement and benefit


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