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Anaerobic Digestate to value added fertiliser

The award of a small R&D grant by the Scottish Environmental Technology Network will allow us to review the available technology options and application barriers for the recovery of value added fertilisers from anaerobic digestate. This will include the processing issues to provide material suitable for the chemical recovery of phosphates from digested food waste and other organic materials. If means to overcome these barriers can be identified a further research process will evaluate and test technical solutions.

New Plastic Composition and Manufacturing System

Work is underway on the development of anew polymer system to utilise low grade polyolefin waste streams with tolerance to a high levels of contaminants. The new polymer is expected to have applications in engineering related plastics where strength and robustness are essential. This work is funded by the award of a small R&D grant by the Scottish Environmental Technology Network.

Vertical Food Growing Systems

Working as part of a consortium with the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and Trees4Scotland, EcoIdeaM has applied for funding from the Technology Strategy Board. The purpose of this research is to develop a next generation low cost vertical growing system for urban food production.