Waste and Materials

The Waste and Material Services We OfferClosed Loop Recycling

  • Recycled waste material sourcing for re-manufacturing
  • Development partnering for new remanufacturing business using recycled materials
  • Advanced thermal treatment systems for energy from residual waste including Solid Recovered and Refuse Derived Fuel services
  • Waste policy guidance and links to an extensive network of waste and resource experts covering all areas of integrated wastes management in Scotland
  • Waste analysis and waste prevention planning
  • New waste technology scouting and assessment
  • Waste market analysis

In a world of growing resource constraints the effective management of material flows throughout the material life cycle is essential. With the growth of Zero Waste thinking, where we strive to eliminate waste, close material loops and integrate all parts of raw material and product cycles, integrated systems thinking is essential. By understanding how different parts of our economy interact we can create integrated loops between raw materials, production systems, the energy system, the water system and transport systems to derive a low carbon society with a strong emphasis on economic resilience and societal benefit.

A Model Waste Treatment System

Waste Treatment System Model


Chartered Institution of Wastes ManagementZero Waste Scotland